Customer Accolades

NHS is all about excellent customer service.  But it's still always humbling to find out that we are accomplishing our goals! Here's a sample of what some current OrthoExec users are saying.

We would love the opportunity to be a part of helping your practice become productive! Contact us any time to lean how we can help you free up staff to focus on patient care.

New Horizons always there

"I've been in private practice for 26 years.  When I began using a computer for our accounting and billing procedures over 20 years ago, I chose New Horizons Software.  I looked at several other software providers and found New Horizons Software to be the easiest to use and the most affordable.  As my practice grew and my computer technology needs increased, New Horizons was always there with the necessary products and updates.  In the 20 years that I have been using New Horizons Software, I have never once considered switching software companies."

Dr. Kevin Horner
Sioux Falls, S.D.

Happy we made the switch

"We started using OrthoExec Advanced in December 2009 and we are very happy we made the switch.  The [Orthominder] email and text reminders have been fabulous.  And keeping track of my statistics is significantly more enhanced over what I was using before.  We jumped into the paperless aspect as of February.  We were concerned about the transition but [NHS] made it so simple in terms of customizing what I need to use.  Being able to actually talk with them and tweak things to 'the way Dr. Cohen does it' has been great.  Thanks, New Horizons!"

Steven Cohen, DMD, MSD
South Philadelphia, PA, and Centerton Orthodontics, NJ

We needed a better way

"We needed a better way to integrate and manage the three offices in our practice. New Horizons Software was the solution. [It] bridges very well with our other practice technology. We use VistaDent with Gendex and GenOptix across three locations. [OrthoExec] lets me use VistaDent and pull up patient data wherever I may be."

Dr. Rick Isaacson
Isaacson Orthodontics
West Long Branch, Matawan, and Middletown, NJ

Exceeds expectations

"It’s not often you can tell someone they have exceeded your expectations, but that is exactly the case with New Horizons. They’re very innovative and attentive. Anything we need to do, we can do with OrthoExec Advanced. I used to get up Saturday mornings and go into the office to catch up – not anymore. Now when I leave at the end the day, I feel that all my work is done. When I need to, I can connect with the system from home and review charts, approve letters, or anything else I need to do. We couldn’t be happier with NHS – OrthoExec lets us do it all. It’s a great solution for our practice."

Edward J. Hilton, DMD
Hilton-Diminick Orthodontic Associates
Harrisburg and Camp Hill, PA

Always available

"Dr. Bert researches everything thoroughly. He made sure he liked the [NHS] OrthoExec software and that it was a good system for our office. I’ve recommended New Horizons to other offices as well: it’s easy to use, it does everything we need it to do, and customer service is always available. It’s not often that we need them, but when we do, everything gets taken care of right away. That’s very important to us."

Joe Corbett, financial manager
Office of Jeffrey D. Bert, DDS, MDSc, PC
Middletown, CT

Best support team

"OrthoExec and the New Horizons support team are the best. Our practice had to enter three offices into the new system while trying to do our daily workload. Without [the] New Horizons support team we would have been overwhelmed. Thank you for being there."

Dr. Robert Isaacson
Isaacson Orthodontics
West Long Branch, Matawan, and Middletown, NJ

Easy to use and does it all

"When we converted from DOS to a Windows-based office-management system, we were very glad to stay with New Horizons. I’m not a systems expert, but I do have some technical background. OrthoExec does it all, and it does it very well. It’s got great features that are very easy to use. We have someone here who had never been on a computer before, and now she’s training others. Another thing we rely on is the mobility New Horizons software gives us. We’re completely networked and can accomplish anything at any of our locations."

Kathleen McGraw, office manager
Office of Roger Wooley, DMD, MS
Milwaukee, OR/Tillamook, OR

Great Support Team

"The New Horizons support team is great! We are extremely happy with the support we have received. They always take care of our needs right away, and we appreciate their solid understanding of the orthodontic office."

Office of Dr. Ryan Moses
Vancouver, WA


Wholeheartedly recommend

"Being a person who is computer illiterate, I found OrthoExec to be user friendly. The New Horizons Support Team was fantastic! Even when I did not have a clue, the Support team was able to talk me through any problems and without making me feel like a real computer dummy. I can wholeheartedly recommend both the software and support team."

Faith Roman
Office of Dr. Bruce Roman
Roseburg, OR

Very knowledgeable

"I absolutely love both OrthoExec and the New Horizons support team. Over the years, there have been many changes in the orthodontic field and New Horizons continues to stay abreast of those changes. The support team is superb. I can call them at all hours and they are right there for me. They are all very knowledgeable and friendly to deal with. I wouldn't even consider changing. Thanks!"

Brandy Warburton
Office of Dr. Dennis Turner
Hermiston, OR


"The system is easy to use and the support staff is tremendous. "

Barbara Genualdi
Genualdi & Genualdi
Summit, NJ