OrthoExec Advanced Series - core features

  • Lower overhead expenses
  • The best customer service in software history.  Help 24x7 with a live person!
  • Our customer service team dedicated to set up the system to work the BEST for YOU.
  • We customize your reports for your practice.
  • Help you customize your correspondence with dentist/patients.
  • Posting credit card and ACH payments directly to patient ledgers, saves staff time.
  • NHImages stores intra oral pictures, xrays, cephs,

Patient Information and storage

NHS gives the practitioner that wants to go paperless, all the fields necessary to record and store patient information. Only enter data once; no duplication of input!

Each tab – Relations, Treatment Status, Diagnosis, Appointment History, Notepad, Siblings, Letters, document Storage, Patient Images – takes you to another page to store and view even more information!

Every module in OrthoExec contains Quick Links to other features – for example, Treatment Card, Schedule, Insurance, and the patient’s financial Ledger.  There are a number of customized fields that the practitioner can define.


OrthoExec’s Scheduler combines patient check-in, calendar preview, and appointment functions on one screen for improved efficiency. Customizable doctor scheduling lets you create your ideal day: color-code to your liking, build a scheduling grid with any number of chairs/columns, and design schedule templates for any type of day or office location — set up the procedures that work best for your office.

The schedule provides a view of critical patient data, while the unique NHS workflow design enhances front and back office productivity. Practices with multiple offices can click on the “Office” button to change the office on display.

Many shortcuts are built into the schedule to allow the front desk easy of use; post payments, check patients in, quickly send letters, communicate with back office, and come back to the schedule.

NH Sign & Electronic Signature 

OrthoExec supports different methods for obtaining signatures from your patients or parents.  From low tech to high tech, each can be incorporated into your daily use.  You can use the best option for your practice.

Tablets with NH Sign - New Horizons' newly completed app -- allows you to have your patients fill out and sign forms via any type of tablet (Apple, Android, Windows).  Customizable to your forms and allows import into OrthoExec.  You can save the signed forms to the patient folders.  **A small, 1 time fee will be charged**

Tablets without NH Sign - Windows 8 & 10, Android and iPads all offer ways to sign documents.  The easiest option is Windows 8 or 10 because it integrates directly with your existing Windows Network and typically comes with Microsoft Word.

Signature Pads - can be used with Microsoft Word to sign directly into the merged document and saved to the patient file.

Low tech options, such as laminated forms, can be signed with a Dry Erase pen.  Then you scan it directly to the patient file, erase the form ready for the next patient to read, sign and scan.

Which ever option you choose, it can be configured to work seamlessly with OrthoExec to maximize office efficiency and reduce paper consumption.


Treatment Card

OrthoExec's electronic Treatment Cards efficiently and securely record patient data, and can be customized to fit your practice.  Color-coding capability allows easy visual representation of treatment stages, wires, types of appointments, and more.  Customizable column numbers and data fields offer greater flexibility, as well the ability to monitor the course of each patient's treatment "at a glance".

Full patient treatment history and important information (medical alert, elastic type, dentist name, DOB, oral hygiene recall, hobbies/interest, and future appointments, model box, alerts, etc.) is displayed, as well as who is on deck and in chair.

NHImage - Storing Patient Images, Xrays and Documents

New Horizons' new NHIMage allows storage of various types of files.  Whether they be correspondence, scanned insurance forms, signed HIPAA forms, health history forms,  etc. Intra oral pictures, x-rays and the likes can be stored in a 'film strip' for easy viewing.  Get the picture from a camera, x-ray or pano machine.  Cut, crop, rotate the image and save it. Choose between several gallery formats, or design your own.

If you prefer to interface with another software package that is designed for image taking, we have seamless interfaces for all of the major systems.


Communication between doctor and staff, doctor and patient, staff and patient is the key to a successfull practice, and patient treatment cooperation.  OrthoExec is based on tools to accomplish that in a smooth, understandable fashion.

  • Initial diagnostic/treatment plan letters to patients, explaining what is involved in their  treatment and the cost.  [see Q&A letters]
  • Progress Reminders popup to allow you to quickly create 'progress letters', for positive feedback to parents/patients.
  • Text messaging or emailing patients to remind them of their appointments, recalls, birthdays.
  • Quick communication between 'front office' (Schedule) and 'back office' (Treatment Card).
  • Electronic (or paper) statements that are understandable.  Autopayments help patients pay their accounts on time, saving your practice overhead.
  • OrthoExec de-stresses the whole insurance process, gives the practice the ability to help the patients file their claims.    


OrthoExec's exclusive system for entering Diagnosis and Treatment Plans is designed to be quick and efficient; used at the exam you can generate a detailed handout to the patient, and a thank you letter to the referral all within a matter of clicks.

The Q&A can be customized to fit your needs.


Accounting / Financial

Give your bookkeeper the tools to be efficient, quick, and accurate!  OrthoExec offers single-screen access to multiple advanced accounting functions - easily view all transactions without having to open multiple windows. The ledger view is built around a peg-board style ledger, which provides an accurate running balance of each account.  You have the flexibility to edit contracts, print any number of customized accounting reports, and track multiple financial parties and insurance contracts.

Automatic credit card and ACH processing functions save time and post payments directly to the patient's ledger.  The ledger view includes a needed comment section, to record information and conversations. 

Added bonus is a button to take you to the Collection Reminder area.  By recording conversations and using 'tickler' reminder dates, collections can actually become streamlined.


What if you could process a claim form in less than 3 minutes?  With OrthoExec, it is just a matter of choosing a subscriber, choosing the treatment, fee, a few more clicks and you are ready to print the claim, or send it electronicly.  Tell OrthoExec the number of future monthly/quarterly billings you need and that's it. With built in insurance tracking features, OrthoExec makes handling/processing insurance claims a simple process.

Reminders Reminders Reminders

Because there are different types of reminders, there are multiple systems in place for each unique type.

  • Recall Reminders is the most common. OrthoExec allows easy access to place a patient into one of four different types of recalls (Exam Recall, Pre-Treatment Recall, In-Treatment Recall, and Retainer Recall).  OrthoExec can print lists, labels for postcards, email or text message the reminder.
  • NotePad Reminders were designed for the Treatment Coordinator for patient followup.  Can you think of a better way to be reminded, that a patient needs followup, but to appear when you log in each day?
  • Progress Reminders reminds the practitioner when a patient arrives for their appointment of a needed xray, or it's time for a progress review, or another type of reminder.
  • Calendar Reminders are designed to remind staff or doctor things to be done.  These can be personal messages 'just for your eyes' or to remind everyone of an event for the day.  Calendar and NotePad Reminders appear when you log into the system for the day.
  • Collection Reminders is a tool that helps the bookkeeper followup with past due accounts.

Many other features

  • Employee TimeClock -- records employee in/out times for payroll.
  • OrthoMinder ... -- to email or text message patient reminders (appointment, recall, birthday, blasts, statements)
  • Market Center ...-- designed to record each referral's meetings, gifts, lunch & learns, etc.
  • Patient Sign In --to allow patients to sign in upon their arrival.
  • Visual Assessment - each practice can customize to their needs.