OrthoMinder's e-features

OrthoExec’s electronic features let you make the most of today’s digitally-supported office management options.  Use OrthoMinder's e-statements to send financial reminders. 

Best of all it's a free service! OrthoMinder can also send email 'blasts' for marketing.   One click sends a newsletter to all your patients.

email/text reminders

Remind patient's of their appointments via email and/or text reminders.  OrthoMinder has the ability to send messages to patients, parents, or other responsible parties.  Email appointment excuse slips directly to patients for school or office.  Send recall reminders and birthday messages.  Use OrthoMinder to send mall emails, news letters, or other marketing messages.  Email to dentists and other professionals.   Each patient email is stored in their personal file for history.

e-payments (credit card & ACH)

Automatic credit card and ACH (bank withdrawal) processing saves time because payment are processed and automatically posted directly to the patient's ledger.  OrthoExec interfaces with several credit card and ACH processing systems.  (TransFirst Health Services, Vanco, and Orthobanc)

Automatic payment processing not only saves time, it allows a more accurate monthly cash flow.

e-statements (auto or on-demand)

Automatically schedule statements to go out to patients, or send them individually on request. Just think of the paper saved not to mention the time saved stuffing/stamping envelopes each month!  Set patients up for e-statements and watch your overhead costs decrease, employee productivity increase, and save a few trees along the way!

email dentists

Send a mass email to all referrals, or individually on demand.  This can be used as a marketing tool or send monthly news letters to your referrals.  Treatment requests can easily be sent via email.  Emails concerning patients are stored in the patient's folder for history, as well as being recorded on patient's treatment card.


Send newletters, announcements, events, moving notices, are just some of the ways you can use the e-blast features of OrthoMinder.  And it's all FREE!   If you are working with a consultant, this can be a handy tool for them.  They can create HTML emails that you just paste into OrthoMinder and click a button to send.  Or just type an email and blast it to all your patients.  You can be selective (just new patients, just active patients...) or just send it to everyone in your database.

insurance claims

OrthoExec makes filing insurance claims fast and easy.  You never have to type the same information twice.  You already have the patient's information and/or responsible information.  Enter the date of service, ADA code, and amount.   Send the claim. 

If you need to send monthly or quarterly claims, tell OrthoExec how many.  It's done.