With Orthoexec Advanced, you get all the core features you expect and need.  You also get all the additional rich features you want.

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Windows XP and Word/Office 2003

As we have stated in several email newsletters, Microsoft has announce that Windows XP and Office/Word 2003 will no longer receive updates as of April 2014.  This means that any flaws and vulnerabilities that are found after that date will not get fixed.  Many are warning that hackers will immediately begin attacking computers with these programs and operating systems.  Consensus is also that those machines will no longer be HIPAA compliant.  Please plan for this transition and take any necessary precautions!

Rest assured OrthoExec Advanced Series works nicely with Windows 7, 8 and 10.  However we have begun transitioning our program to take advantage of Windows 8 and 10 features. 

Orthoexec Advanced Series  

core features 

Scheduling, treatment card, insurance, patient information storage, correspondence, full accounts receivables, patient picture gallery, employee time clock, patient sign in, calendar reminders, full reporting features...and much more.



WHAT:    AAO Annual Session 2018

WHEN:       May 4 - 8, 2018

WHERE:    Washington, D.C.


Come visit us at the AAO Annual Session.  Bring your friends by and see what is new!






Ortho Image-It!           

patient image gallery

No need for purchasing another imaging program. Ortho Image-It is included in your package--no extra fees!  Store your patient x-rays and intra oral pictures for quick access, and of course, crop and manage your images with ease. 



Send text and/or email appointment reminders, recalls, birthdays, marketing emails (both patients & dentists), dentist requests, and even e-statements!  

It's all included with OrthoExec: you have nothing extra to buy.   


Market Center

OrthoExec Advanced includes an array of marketing tools to help your practice thrive and grow.