New Horizons Software (NHS) is committed to providing the best management software possible to the orthodontic community. OrthoExec® Advanced is rich with all the features you expect -- and the ones you want.  We proudly "gift-wrap" all of this plus installation and the best support in the industry in one easy, all-inclusive system that our users have been praising for 30 years.

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OrthoExec Advanced Series

Our benchmark system is designed specifically for orthodontic practice management.  It includes all the core features you'd expect -- a full array of accounting features, patient scheduling and information storage, and insurance processing -- as well as a host of additional e-features.  To help your office make the most of today's digital technology, we include OrthoMinder and NHImage.  You get it all in one package, including live 24x7 support.


We make it easy to implement and integrate today’s digital features into your work flow—even if you’ve never used them before. For example, we give you an easy way to send your patient appointment reminders, recalls, newsletters, electronic statements, extraction request and more by text and email.  You also get a simple way to set up, manage, and automatically post recurring payments. 

And that's just for starters.


about NHS

NHS was founded 30 years ago, and we have a track record you can trust. We go out of our way to help your practice with tools that not only make your work day easier, but more fun! 

We are committed to helping your practice: Whether it's training your staff, answering your questions via our 24x7 customer service, or creating customized solutions for your specific needs -- anything from personalized reports to developing your own diagnostic/treatment plan input -- we are here to support your success.   






See what our clients are saying

In the 20 years that I’ve been using New Horizons Software, I have never once considered switching software companies."

Is your software customized to work the way you do?

We believe it should be!

Your practice management software should treat you the same way you treat your patients — like an individual. And because you are an individual with your own way of doing things, the standard one-size-fits-all approach to practice management software may not be working for you.

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